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Employability & Professional Skills -

Employability & Professionalism are skills and competencies which play a significant part in contributing to an individual’s efficiency & effectiveness and successful participation in the workplace.

Impacting categories

Reading Creative Thinking Self-Esteem Social
Writing Problem-Solving Self-Management Negotiation
Numeric Decision Making Ownership Leadership
Speaking Visualization Teamwork

Our efforts bring synergy between Behavior, Aility, Knowledge, Experience and Skills (BAKES)


Employers require that graduates have knowledge and skills that will enable them to cope more readily with the demands of the workplace today. The major attributes sought by Employers

Accept supervision Willing to learn new things Enthusiastic
Cheerful Assertive Self-confident
Flexible Productive Helpful
Ambitious Learn quickly Versatile
Formal Finish tasks on time Hard working
Honest On time Conscientious
Efficient Persistent Humble/Modest
Resourceful Reliable/dependable Sincere
Sense of humor Creative Spontaneous
Expressive Independent Mature
Methodical Open-minded Intuitive
Get along with others Meticulous Friendly
Tactful Imaginative Practical
Original Trustworthy Organized


Cognitive learning, related to understanding and using new concepts, may be contrasted with behavioral learning, related to the physical ability to act.

These are sometimes associated with stages in learning but such an approach fails to recognize the importance of interaction between cognitive and behavioral learning and does not elaborate the mechanisms by which individual learning becomes organizational learning.


Much of studying is about the gaining of subject knowledge and developing the critical and analytical skills associated with subject. This is extremely important.

What is also important is that one can apply this knowledge and, more especially, the kinds of thinking skills gained through degree study to the more practical context of work.


Work experience can be of real value to individuals and to employers. However, in itself, such experience is not enough. It is the recognition of skills and awareness of the work context that is important.
Investigating and Analysing
Planning and Organising
Self & Process Control
Negotiating and Persuading
Co-Operating (Teamwork)


Employability skills can be defined as a range of abilities or competencies that you may develop during your life through your education, training, work experience, interests and extra-curricular activities. These employability skills can be transferred to a variety of work or life situations.

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