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About Us

About us

We came in existence with only one thought- Skills Development
The foundation of our thought was upon our extensive experience in task centric Skills Analysis and Elements Identification
Our work focused upon not only on skills sets but the real elements those contribute for guaranteed success in completion of the task.
For this reason our team came together to put efforts on bridging the wide divide between demand and supply in entry-level skills in job market and we came into existence.
We prepared professionals and made available a trained work force to employers with essential job-fit training to employees.
This opened an opportunity for us to serve employers with best practices on the basis of our experience and expertise of our team.

Team Ezy-Grow believe in continuous improvement and growth. Growth for us doesn’t mean the cosmetic makeover but a deliberate, consistent and regulated contact with the elements responsible for desired performances.


To become the preferred partner to provide growth path for professionals and entrepreneurs engaged in SME’s.


To transform EZY- Grow into main facility source in capability building through Education, Training, Employment and Coaching. EZY-Grow in its journey will go on to acquire, create and share knowledge, opportunities and information for speedy growth for professionals and SME’s.


  • Extensively Collaborate with likeminded enterprises
  • Lay down innovative techniques and approach at workplace
  • Continuously handhold the enterprises in their success journey
  • Employability & Professional Skills
  • Recruitment & Staffing
  • Professional Upgrading
  • Training & Development
  • Integrated Management Services- Through Construct Manage Handover Facilitate Business Model

Our Belief about Growth:

Doesn’t mean development in single area but an overall development. The Individual’s growth for us means stretched potential of self and an increased self worth by raising value of contribution.

Combined with your discipline-specific skills, employability skills are essential in every workplace and highly valued by employers.

Employability & Professionalism are skills and competencies which play a significant part in contributing to an individual’s efficiency & effectiveness and successful participation in the workplace.

Our efforts bring synergy between Behavior, Ability, Knowledge, Experience and Skills (BAKES)

Transformation Process

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